Places you cannot Give a Miss when in Europe

People go on vacation in the summer. Then they go skiing in winter. People are wrong. Visiting a city in full sun does not necessarily come to capture the soul, to maximize the interest. Sometimes, an autumn walk is worth a thousand summer crushes: one is alone, one is good, and the cities are unveiled whole. Click this link to get access to affordable air tickets to the best cities in the world!

1. Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, in autumn, it is 20 degrees on average. And we are not going to lie to each other: going to a city without peeling them is still a considerable advantage. Especially since the sea next door is still hot enough to bathe. Indian summer, but in Croatia, it’s not bad. In addition, out of season, the city returns to its normal colors and the cost of the stay is reasonable. The cultural wonders of the city can be easily reached, Baroque buildings can be visited and classical music and food festivals can be enjoyed.

2. Berlin

The large wooded avenues, the canals, the parks: so many places to walk in the middle of the dead leaves while shivering from slight cold. The charm of Berlin in the heart of autumn is exceptional, especially as the Festival of Lights projects its sound and lights around the city till mid-October. And the party never stops, she, summer and winter.

3. Lisbon

In autumn, it is still good in Lisbon, but not too hot. The prices of hotels and restaurants are already low in summer and defy all competition. And since Lisbon is anyway one of the three or four best cities in the world, eh, summer, winter, spring or autumn is always good.

4. Prague

To live the true Mittleeuropa atmosphere, it is necessary in any case to privilege the cold weather. In addition, in Prague, it is not uncommon for the sun and relative heat to linger until the end of November. Sunsets, dead leaves in the many parks, walks in the nearby forest and rich Czech food. All while raising his collar well.

5. Bruges

When we combine canals, beautiful architecture, red and brown tones reflected in the water, crazy churches, not too crowded and a kind of light softly tinged with mist, we get what is called a place great for walking around in the cool romance way before getting warm under the big fat duvet fucks later.

6. Budapest

What is striking is the number of festivals taking place in autumn in Budapest. Here you can taste wine, visit contemporary art fairs, watch horse races, sample puffs from all over Hungary, and listen to music for all ears. Not to mention the pleasure of going, after doing all that, to immerse yourself in a thermal bath.

7. Barcelona

In summer, Barcelona has become a hellish city: too many people and only French people. In winter, the city regains some of its calm. It is less hot, prices drop and we can always visit the usual tourist attractions. But the locals will be more relaxed, more pampered, and being French will not be worth insulting you permanently. And then Gaudi with dead leaves, it’s pretty.

8. Paris

In autumn, the melancholy of Paris is totally unveiled. In the rain, crushed dead leaves and a little attenuated mass tourism, one gets a real idea of the former capital of ideas that has become a kind of museum to its own faded glory. But there is a crazy romanticism to cross the bridges under pollution and see the night fall on a panorama of the Seine.